George Villasenor
cell 503-551-9300
fax 503-363-8414
2223 Glen Creek Rd.
Salem, Oregon. 97304
George Villasenor, designer and master craftsman for Villasenor Studio has a 40 year expertise in custom furniture and kitchen design. With a background in illustration George Villasenor began designing and building furniture in the late 1960s in Hollywood, California. His concepts in kitchen design originated with the idea of making cabinetry appear as furniture. Spending several years building custom furniture and kitchens in the Victorian and Art Nouveau style, George Villasenor began designing Arts & Crafts furniture in the mid 1980s, this style became his favorite. The pieces you are viewing are all original. Some in the Asian style and other in a European flavor. Villasenor is a designer whose originality is his forte. Each piece is signed with a carved logo.